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Lead – Perform – Persuade

  • Want to be able to deliver convincing presentations, brimming with self-confidence?
  • Want to carry out your management tasks in an authentic and charismatic manner?
  • Want to become an inspirational leader in times of change?

Then, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll show you how to project a professional and persuasive image in meetings, presentations or even in conflict situations.

I’ll coach you in contemporary, progressive leadership communication.

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phone +49 030 93 62 86 60 or email wm@redepraxis.com.

Willy Metzeler
Coach, Actor, Economist

My Area of Expertise


What I Offer

For Executives

Executive Presentation How to enhance your presence both on the big stage and in smaller groups. How to deliver dynamic and convincing presentations.

Executive Coaching How to increase your powers of personal persuasion. How to develop a charismatic aura and become an inspirational leader.

For Middle Managers

Public Speaking How to present complex issues in a succinct, concise and convincing manner.

Business Coaching How to fulfil your management role with poise and confidence and how to implement change processes.

Empathetic Communication How to promote constructive collaboration and a positive corporate culture.

For Researchers

Third-Party Funding Pitches How to present your research projects with passion and conviction.

Trial Presentation for a Professorship How to demonstrate your expertise in a professionally competent and cordial manner.

Coaching for Researchers in Management Roles How to lead a team of high-calibre researchers to success.


One Hour for Clarity!

How do you come across?!

Leaders very rarely get any honest feedback about how they come across to other people. But, constructive

feedback is exactly what you’ll get in this one-hour session, which can be delivered live 1 to 1 or via Skype.

Willy Metzeler

My name is Willy Metzeler. I am an actor and an economist.

Since 2003, I have worked as a public speaking trainer and coach for personal development in German and English.

How does an economist become an actor, and how do the two fit together?

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