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Executives, Chairpersons, Top Managers

Leadership with stature – embodying your role through powerful performances and public speaking

»I received really expert, constructive feedback from Willy Metzeler. I was amazed by the level of feedback he was able to give me. I felt as though he saw me, appreciated me, understood me. He helped me become a better performer and communicator.«

As a chairperson or a top manager, you face a special set of challenges: for years, your analytical capabilities and intellect have been your greatest assets, and quite possibly your career drivers.

In your current role, however, stakeholders and the public expect a different kind of presenting style. You are expected to give speeches which, as well as demonstrating your professional expertise, are visionary and emotionally powerful. Digitalisation and the VUCA world also call for a new understanding of leadership.

Presentation Coaching for Executives

For when you have an important speech or presentation coming up, and you know that everything hinges on how well you perform.

Together we will hone your performance to make sure you come across well, and to make sure the content and structure of your speech is perfectly suited to the occasion. We use a video camera to help you compare your perception of yourself with the way you are perceived by others. Europe-wide and last-minute. We can rehearse for any of the following settings, depending on your requirements:

  • Speeches on large platforms to audiences of 1000 or more
  • Presentations and Q&A sessions in small group meetings
  • Media appearances in a studio

What my clients like about my work

»I feel more secure and more active now in presentations and discussions. I’m much more relaxed when I’m speaking, and I still come across as competent.«

»… How to inspire people with the right mixture of push and pull. I’ve got better at taking a step back and delegating responsibilities.«

»Thanks to the coaching sessions, my relationships with my colleagues and members of my team have improved. That makes it easier to implement changes.«

»I’m a manager for the modern world. I want to work in flat hierarchies. During the coaching sessions my role became clearer to me and now I know exactly which responsibilities I’m best suited for.«

How can I help you move forward?

Just give me a call! I look forward to our first conversation – we’ll talk about your requirements, and I’ll put together a personalised package for you. You can contact me by phone on +49 030 93 62 86 60 or by email at wm@redepraxis.com.

Some clients:

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