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Third-Party Funding Pitches – Top-Level Research Presentations

»I now know how to break down the complexities of my research project and make it easier to understand. I’ve got better at ‘selling’ my subject.«

You know why you’re so passionate about your subject. But do your funders share your enthusiasm? Charities, associations and companies have their own agendas and their own commercial interests to consider. And your funders will also want to be sure that you are capable of leading your team.

People who take part in our presentation seminar for top-level research often come to us with questions and assignments like these:

»I come across as too dry, too theoretical. I’m just not a showman by nature. I know my subject inside out. But I seem to be stuck in my ivory tower.«

»I want to strike the right balance between academic integrity and selling in the international arena.«

»I’m sometimes seen as arrogant, insecure, impersonal. But I’m not like that really. What should I do?«

In our seminar you will hone your presentation by sharing it with the other participants, all top-level researchers. I will moderate the feedback given by your colleagues. I will also share the insights I have gained from my experience as a public speaking coach and a trainer for research presentations and ERC pitches. And I will give you individual tips to help you come across better as an expert researcher and a reliable team leader. With video recordings.

Make sure you are on top form for your most important performance of the next few years with our research presentation seminar.

The Impressive Trial Lecture – Coaching for Your Upcoming Professorship

Congratulations! You have applied for a post as a professor and been invited to give a sample lecture. Your expertise in your field has been recognised – you’ve cleared the first hurdle.

Appearing before your future colleagues is your chance to show that you know how to communicate your specialist knowledge, that you have the personality to engage your listeners and that you will be a pleasant person to work with and a good fit for the faculty.

Would you like some help?

Together we will hone the structure of your presentation and apply the finishing oratorical and pedagogical touches to it. We will also prepare you for the crucial Q&A section.

In addition we can develop a concept for your sample tutorial to make sure you give a dynamic, pedagogically proficient encounter.

This will enable you to present yourself as an ideal member of the faculty: an expert researcher, an inspiring teacher and a great team player. You will gain in confidence and find you are able to give an assured, authoritative performance.

Make sure you are on top form for your most important performance of the next few years with our professorship coaching.

Researchers in Leadership Roles – Coaching for Principal Investigators

Leading research projects is a unique challenge: the team usually works in flat hierarchies with a high level of autonomy.

You undoubtedly know the feeling of being pulled in two different directions: on the one hand you need to develop trust and delegate responsibility, but on the other hand you need to make sure the project is managed effectively and that you do not lose sight of the bigger picture.

Enabling creative and constructive collaboration is an exciting challenge!

Would you like some help? Typical coaching objectives for researchers in leadership roles include:

  • Communicating openly and clearly within the research culture.
  • Establishing a culture of ongoing feedback: for effectiveness, motivation, innovation, appreciation, criticism, etc.
  • Identifying, understanding and resolving conflicts at an early stage.
  • Improving results using agile methods and structures.
  • Fulfilling leadership responsibilities without falling into a ‘command and control’ approach.
  • Expanding your leadership repertoire and scope for action. Knowing and using systemic, solution-oriented methods.
  • Aligning your own self-image with other people’s image of you, in order to embody your leadership role.
  • Using the whole spectrum of performance principles: supplementing the principle of power with flow and creativity.
  • Motivating your team as an inspiring leader – going beyond the factual level.
  • Learning how to deal positively with your own expectations of yourself: developing a constructive attitude to criticism, self-criticism, insecurity, perfectionism and impatience.
  • Presenting and marketing the research project and yourself effectively.

This will help you keep your team on course and motivated.

How can I help you move forward?

Just give me a call! I look forward to our first conversation – we’ll talk about your requirements, and I’ll put together a personalised package for you. You can contact me by phone on +49 030 93 62 86 60 or by email at wm@redepraxis.com.

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