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Meaningful discussion and profound inspiration

In my talks I successfully combine dialogue, profundity and humour, in line with the motto “Jest, satire, irony and deeper meaning.”

What ideas do you have? How do you envisage the future? Let’s talk about it: with my examples and explanations, I respond to the personal and working lives of my audience members.

My most popular talks:

Appearing relaxed on stage – persuading through the power of professional presence

“There’s no business without show business”. Perform confidently, wave goodbye to charisma killers, become more authentic. The top tips from the Metzeler Method for Professional Presence®: this is how to develop confident body language and speech. This talk features true stories from my life as an actor and coach.

For character actors – persuading and inspiring in modern times

We’ve all come across shooting stars – stars that rise very rapidly but burn out just as fast. Lasting success calls for more than that: it calls for personality and persuasive power. These qualities are crucial in the modern VUCA world (VUCA stands for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).

Key elements of your success are a distinctive leadership style and authentic positioning, as well as your own personal values and strengths of character. Find out why these factors are so important for success and how you can make use of them.

The world’s a stage – public speaking in business, from an actor’s perspective

Take my word for it: suspense is everything, from Hitchcock to Shakespeare, from the boards to the boardroom. Discover the most effective tricks of the trade used by playwrights and screenwriters. Create gripping presentations by drawing on this rich source of inspiration: storytelling, speech composition, dialogue and repartee are all tools that you can use to engage and inspire your audience.

For the international stage – the only proper speaking style!

Technique, finesse and a little ingenuity: how you can adapt your performance to appeal to audience members of all stripes and still stay true to yourself.

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